Thursday, December 20, 2018

No motion and No Emotion album

            For my album picture, I used 6 different pictures. 3 pictures of me in different motions and emotions. I put those pictures in the middle and blended it together to make it seem like there's more than 1 of me. the bell and the basketball signifies that is all about the gold and the championships and wins. I added smoke to add more an effect to it to make it look better. The thing that I thought stand out was how the curls were a perfect fit in my opinion.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

ATPI Reviews

Since I joined this class it has been one of my favorite because I love to take pictures on certain things that catch my eye. I have learned things that I haven't learned before like editing and adjusting the camera to get the right picture. When I choose pictures it's easy for me to take a picture and turn it in.
Advertisement- This picture has a lot of meaning in it. One of the main meaning is that everyone like Starbucks.
Environmental Portrait- I took this picture cause my cousin made me but it's really good and I like how she's smiling.
Nature- This picture was taken in the backyard and it took a while to grow.
Nature- I really like taking pictures of water falling cause i just like how it drips and splashes.
Nature- This photo was interesting to me because I had never seen a vegy like this.
Nature- Roses are my favorite flowers because i just like it blooms.
Open- This picture was about my stitches that I got while playing basketball.
Sports reaction- I choose this pic because it has not only one but two sport reactions.
Still life-I liked how the flag was sticking out so you can see the wind blowing it up and it was hard to find a picture like this.
Still Life- This car drove past me and it caught my attention on how it reflects off because the owner keeps it clean.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


I enjoyed the time I had because of the food from Whataburger. The place and people were very cool and very contributing. The environment was very chill and not cold or hot at all.